Affton, Missouri Real Estate

Clean living and family values are the hallmark of Affton Missouri. According to the St. Louis multiple listing service, the median sales price for a home in Affton, Missouri is $108,000.  This is down slightly, which makes Affton a good prospect for a new home with other areas of St. Louis real estate increasing in price.

The history of Affton, which dates back to the mid-1800s, can be found on the website. The website also states, “There is no city hall since Affton is not a city, but a neighborhood with a very strong identity.”

Affton is home to the popular Grant’s Farm, which is “the 281-acre ancestral home of the Busch family.”  This destination is a popular stop for young families, who enjoy experiencing the many animals living there. According to the website, the farm was “founded” by Ulysses S. Grant. His historical home is located on the property.

Actor John Goodman is a notable citizen of the area. According to, “Goodman was born and raised in Affton, Missouri …”  Goodman is known for his many movie roles, along with his longstanding portrayal of the husband in the TV sitcom “Roseanne.”

For families with children, various educational opportunities are available. The Affton School District provides kindergarten through high school public education. Various parochial schools are also in the area. Health enthusiasts will enjoy the paved path of Grant’s Trail, which crosses through a portion of Affton, Missouri real estate and along Grant’s Farm. St. Louis County also maintains the Affton White-Rodgers Community Center, which boasts a fitness center and gymnasium.

Due to the cozy neighborhood size, Affton homes for sale can be limited. It may be advisable to seek the assistance of a skilled real estate agent. Your Prudential Select Properties agent can help identify Affton open houses and help you explore the neighborhood.

Brentwood, Missouri Real Estate

Are short drive times at the top of your list? Affordable housing and a close commute to St. Louis city makes Brentwood, Missouri a great place to purchase your next home. While prices have risen in some areas of St. Louis real estate, 2013 remains a good time to purchase in Brentwood. The median sale price for a home in Brentwood, Missouri is $145,000, according to St. Louis multiple listing service.

Brentwood real estate has a lot of offer those that seek convenience.  Nestled along S. Brentwood Boulevard and Manchester Road, Brentwood is strategically located in easy reach of U.S. Route 40. Business is bustling, which makes finding your favorite restaurant or retail location a breeze. Eateries are plentiful and include deli, takeout, restaurant and fast food options.  The Whole Food Market acts as a gathering place for the health conscious and those seeking prepared meals with an artisan flare. The good life is also reflected in nearby REI, which features a climbing wall and gear for outdoor enthusiasts.  Other prime retail locations are also plentiful.  (The Saint Louis Galleria Shopping Mall is just down the road, as well.)

Brentwood does a lot to support a healthy community. “Quality parks and access to recreation facilities improve property values, provide citizens the opportunity to come together socially and are a great source of pride for the community,” states the website. Features include the Ice Arena and Brentwood Recreational Complex, along with various parks.  According to the website, Brentwood also teams up with neighboring Maplewood and Richmond Heights to offer expanding recreational options.

Styles of Brentwood homes for sale vary from condos to even a limited number of new structures. Older brick bungalows reflect the stability and charm of the area.  For a list of Brentwood open houses, contact your Prudential Select Properties agent or visit

Chesterfield, Missouri Real Estate

If beauty and amenities are at the top of your list, consider buying your next home in Chesterfield, Missouri.  According to the St. Louis multiple listing service, the median price for a home in Chesterfield, Missouri is $270,000.  Now is an opportune time to purchase your home before prices possibly climb higher.

Chesterfield real estate is best known for its luxurious housing of the finest quality, along with one of the more preferred public school systems in St. Louis County, the Parkway and Rockwood School Districts. It is considered a highly desirable area to live by St. Louis locals.

The styles Chesterfield homes for sale come in a variety of designs and sizes. “Some of the St. Louis area’s finest single-family homes, apartments, and condominiums can be found gracing the lush wooded landscapes of Chesterfield. A myriad of home styles are offered, ranging from Colonial to Tudor to French to contemporary,” as shared on the City of Chesterfield’s website.

Nurturing arts and culture is a key to the success of this blossoming portion of St. Louis real estate.  The city’s website proudly shares that they received the 2011 Creative Community Award by the Missouri Arts Council for their efforts in making art a priority and valuable part of the community. City recreational services are also bountiful and include an aquatic center, athletic complex, amphitheater, parks and more. There is also a “Bikeable Walkable Community Plan,” which will appeal to any lover of the outdoors.

Businesses thrive spectacularly in the area.  What once was prone to flooding in the area known as the “Chesterfield Bottoms” along THF Boulevard off Highway 40 is now a showplace of retail stores and restaurants called the Chesterfield Commons. Chesterfield Mall at Highway 40 and Clarkson Road is also a thriving retail/restaurant area.

For a list of Chesterfield open houses, contact your Prudential Select Properties agent or visit

Central West End Real Estate

Do you dream of living in a walkable neighborhood that is close to art, green space and boasts gorgeous architecture? The Central West End neighborhood in St. Louis, Missouri may be the perfect place to purchase your new home. With home prices on the rise once again, the timing may be right for your next purchase. According to the St. Louis multiple listing service the median home price in the Central West End is currently $205,000.

The Central West End is a gem in the heart of exceptional St. Louis living. declared, “Perched on the eastern edge of Forest Park, the chic Central West End is full of charming sidewalk cafés, galleries, antique shops, boutiques and pubs. It’s a little European, a little New York and totally St. Louis.”

Known for its exquisite architecture, Central West End real estate is the preferred location of upwardly mobile professionals that want to be close to the pulse of the city. Forest Park is at your fingertips, while the Delmar Loop and cultural programming of places like the Fox Theatre, Sheldon Concert Hall and Powell Symphony Hall are just a short drive away. The MetroLink train makes commuting to downtown events at Busch Stadium, America’s Center and Union Station a snap. The Central West End is truly prime St. Louis real estate.

The highlights of Central West End homes for sale are the historic mansions and the gorgeous condos. Locations like the condos at The Chase combine outstanding views with stellar amenities, while the well-kept private homes in the area provide more traditional accommodations. There is something for every taste.  Although new construction isn’t always available, there are a handful of homes currently planned for the Maryland East area. For a list of Central West End open houses, contact your Prudential Select Properties agent.

O’Fallon, Missouri Real Estate

Looking for just the right neighborhood in the St. Louis area?  According to the St. Louis multiple listing system, the median sale price for a home in O’Fallon, Missouri is $136,500.  O’Fallon was rated as one of the Best Places to Live in 2012 by Money Magazine.  “Job seekers with families would do well to consider O’Fallon, a super-safe St. Louis suburb that has one of the highest projected rates of increases in employment in the state, top schools, and affordable homes …,” stated

Just outside of St. Louis real estate in St. Charles, County, O’Fallon is a rapidly growing community with a solid infrastructure that includes highway updates.  “The City of O’Fallon takes pride in fostering a pro-business atmosphere, working in concert with our manufacturers, retailers and service providers,” states the city’s website. []. Ample opportunity for the purchase of acreage makes this area viable for new business. The city supports existing businesses with an exceedingly useful business directory with mapping on their site.

O’Fallon, Missouri real estate is also highly desirable for homeowners that desire to spend less for larger and newer homes that what may be found in neighboring St. Louis County. A bounty of updated facilities makes O’Fallon an attractive option for growing families. An active parks and recreation department in O’Fallon incorporates athletics with cultural programming, while the Alligator’s Creek Aquatic Center provides a water park atmosphere. Several private and public golf courses are located in St. Charles County, as well.  O’Fallon, Missouri is located in the Fort Zumwalt School District.

There are many opportunities to build a new home in O’Fallon. Developments that have new construction are Hampton Woods and The Estates at Magnolia, Walden Pond and others. Older O’Fallon homes for sale come in a wide range of prices and styles. For a list of O’Fallon open houses, please contact your Prudential Select Properties agent.

Wentzville, Missouri Real Estate

Do you dream of moving out of the city and into a progressive town that still maintains strong family values?  Check out the affordability and tranquility of Wentzville, Missouri, which is situated in the area of Highway 40 and Interstate 70.  According to the St. Louis multiple listing service, the median sale price for a home in Wentzville, Missouri is $155,000.

Although Wentzville real estate has experienced some of the same challenges with home values as the rest of the area, the sale price of Wentzville homes for sale are on the rise. It may be a fabulous time to consider relocating to this advancing area in St. Charles, Missouri.  Committed to progress, the City of Wentzville website states that “according to the 2010 Census, Wentzville is the fastest growing city in the state of Missouri with an increase in population of 322%.”

As this location outside western St. Louis real estate matures, it remains committed to updating resident services.  Currently, the city is moving forward with the new Splash Station Aquatic Center.  Existing city amenities include playgrounds, sports fields, amphitheater, fishing, senior center, recreation center, outdoor swimming, trails and more.

For those with children, public education is offered through the Wentzville R-V School District. Various private schools are also available in the area, along with assorted university opportunities in neighboring towns in St. Charles County. Abundant choices for retail shopping, groceries and dining out are featured along Wentzville Parkway. Various medical services are located in town with the local hospital being provided by the nearby city of Lake St. Louis.

Homes for sale in the area include ample new construction. However, the budget minded will find that there are established houses available under $100,000 in certain areas.  You can search for Wentzville open houses and Wentzville Real Estate at or contact your Prudential Select Properties agent for a personalized introduction to the area.

St. Peters, Missouri Real Estate

Do you have a growing family that is looking for a safe neighborhood with quality education and plenty of things to do?  Consider choosing your next home in St. Peters, Missouri.   According to the St. Louis MARIS multiple listing service, the median sale price for a home in St. Peters is $137,000, which makes this city in St. Charles County a great value.

Located just a short drive from the heart of St. Louis real estate, Money Magazine has named St. Peters as one of “The Best Places to Live” more than once with the most recent nomination being November 2012, according to St. Peters  Perhaps the secret to the city’s success is a healthy parks and recreational department.  According their website, “the City of St. Peters has about 1,000 acres of parkland, the world-class Rec-Plex recreation and fitness center, an arts center, kids’ camps, Veterans Memorials, an 18-hole golf course, and a number of affordable or free events.”

St. Peters real estate encompasses the Fort Zumwalt and Francis Howell school districts.  Additionally, there are several private schools in the area.  St. Charles Community College and Lindenwood University are both in St. Charles County and offer well-rounded curriculums.   Other universities like Missouri Baptist University, Maryville University and Webster University also have satellite campuses in the county.

St. Peters also boasts a healthy retail and business environment, which includes anchor stores like Macy’s, Dillards, Sears and JCPenney at Mid Rivers Mall.  Other stores in the area include Costco, Walmart Supercenter, Kohl’s and more.

A quick search at reveals that St. Peters homes for sale reveals a diverse real estate landscape that includes starter homes, traditional ranch structures, villas and high-end new construction.  The website also allows users to search specifically for St. Peters open houses. For more information, contact your Prudential Select Properties agent or visit

Ellisville, Missouri Real Estate

Combining a country flavor with the best of suburban living, Ellisville, Missouri offers reasonably priced housing in one of the more favored areas of West St. Louis County. According to the St. Louis MARIS multiple listing service, the median sale price for a home in Ellisville, Missouri is $160,000, just up from last year.

Nestled between Wildwood and Ballwin, the City of Ellisville website shares some intriguing history about this portion of St. Louis real estate.  The history of the community actually dates back to pre-1900.  The area was originally “settled by Captain James Harvey Ferris of Kentucky before 1837.”  Later, he sold the property to William A. Hereford in sometime between 1842 and 1843. Hereford would name the city after “his former post office in Ellisville, Virginia.” It wasn’t until 1932 that it was incorporated in order to “create a public school district for Ellisville children.”  Since that time, Ellisville has grown to 9,000 plus residents, according to the Ellisville website.

The community maintains its original charm by not allowing itself to be solely confined to the typical suburban concrete and asphalt design. Although the city has a healthy retail and business infrastructure, Ellisville real estate includes access to healthy park system that takes advantage of the beauty of the natural landscape. For instance, Bluebird Park, which also serves as the community center hub, is nestled amongst rolling hills.  During various times of the year, you may find artistic programming and even a farmer’s market here.

Perhaps one of the most favored aspects of the community is the dedication to quality education. Ellisville is included in the Rockwood School District, which is highly prized as providing a top-notch curriculum.

However, the attractiveness of Ellisville may be the affordability. A quick tour of the Prudential Select Properties (PSP) website at reveals that a select portion of Ellisville homes for sale may even be available under $150,000 presently.  Contact your local PSP agent for a list of Ellisville homes for sale and open houses.

University City, Missouri Real Estate

For those that crave a neighborhood that is culturally rich and vibrant, University City, Missouri real estate is a fantastic opportunity for your next home. According to the St. Louis MARIS multiple listing service, the median sales price for a home in University City is currently $216,500, which is up from the past year.  If you’ve been hesitating to explore your options, the New Year is a great time to begin your journey.

Famous for its fantastic restaurants and live music scene, University City is a hub for artistic endeavors.  An area known as the Delmar Loop that integrates University City with the edge of St. Louis City is a favorite for those that love to explore small shops or feast on multicultural flavors.   “An energizing and eclectic entertainment and shopping district, The Loop offers six blocks of exhilarating retail, restaurants, live music, café culture, and even a Walk-Of-Fame,” boasts

The love affair with this unique section of St. Louis real estate began around the time of the 1904 World’s Fair that was held in nearby Forest Park.  According to, magazine publisher Edward Gardner Lewis purchased the land to be known as University City in 1902 and opened the still undeveloped “residential community with comfortable homes for people of an upper middle class” to campers for the event. Lewis would later build the headquarters for his magazine empire in University City, which currently serves as City Hall.

University City homes for sale range greatly in pricing and architecture, which is reflective of the different neighborhoods that make up this older community.  Whether you desire cozy affordability or something of an ornate size, you can find it in “U City.” Your Prudential Select Properties agent can create a personalized list of University City open houses and property for sale. Visit us at for more information.

Imperial and Kimmswick, Missouri Real Estate

History and progress intersect in the Kimmswick and Imperial neighborhoods of Missouri. A short drive from St. Louis, the area is rich in history and offers affordable housing options.  According to the St. Louis multiple listing service, the median sale price for a home in Imperial, Missouri is $144,500.

Located strategically along the Mississippi River and near railroad lines, this portion of St Louis real estate was a stopping point for trading in the 1800s, as shared on  “Kimmswick was founded by Theodore Kimm in 1859,” who was “a successful St. Louis dry goods merchant,” states the site. By the mid-1800s, the website states that Kimmswick “flourished with an iron forge, grist mill, limestone quarries, brewery and large greenhouses that shipped fresh flowers to St. Louis.” At one time, there was even an amusement park on the location and visitors enjoyed the benefits of natural spring water.

Although Kimmswick has changed since those early settlement days, a movement has been made to restore the historical heritage. Today, Kimmswick is a hub of historical activity that includes tourism, retail and festivals.

Imperial real estate and Kimmswick are closely connected.  According to, nearby Imperial “was originally known as West Kimmswick.”  History buffs will be interested to learn that Imperial is home to the Mastadon State Park, which features information and displays of fossils key to the area. Birdwatching and hiking are also available.

For those seeking to relocate to the community, the majority of available housing is currently located in Imperial. Home prices typically run from the mid-$100,000s to $300,000 from frame and/or brick structures with a fair amount of newer construction available, especially in the Mayfield Farms Estates subdivision that is in the area of Old Highway M and Kneff Road. Your Prudential Select Properties agent can help you located Imperial open houses or Imperial homes for sale. Please contact us for a personalized home buying or selling plan or click to see homes for sale and open houses in Imperial and Kimmswick.