St. Louis Real Estate Market Conditions

The 1st quarter of 2013 has been very exciting for the St. Louis area real estate market. 

Compared to last year, every Prudential Select Properties office has increased sales and the total company sales are up 36%! Listing inventory is down and buyers are anxious for new listings. The outlook for sellers has improved dramatically in one year. Showings on our listings are terrific. The average property is being shown twice as often as it was a year ago.

What is happening with home prices in the St. Louis area real estate market?

At Prudential Select Properties our average price for 1st quarter sales in 2013 is up 14% compared to 1st quarter 2012. The numbers definitely show an improvement of the Saint Louis real estate market.

What should real estate agents do to take advantage of the current market conditions?

For St. Louis area real estate agents it is a great time to increase your contacts with your SOI. Use email and follow up with personal contact. It never hurts to ask for business, especially when rates are still low and housing is in demand. Remind those that have been waiting to sell, that now is the time as sellers will be pleased by the buyer activity.

Enjoy this great Spring Market in 2013.

George Bruns
President & CEO
Prudential Select Properties

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