Eureka, Missouri Real Estate

Are you looking for your next home to be located near outdoor recreational opportunities, yet want to maintain quick access to the metropolitan area?  Eureka, Missouri may be an excellent place for your next home.  According to the St. Louis multiple listing service, the median sale price for a home in Eureka, Mo. is $210,000.

Eureka earned its name via joyous builders for Missouri Pacific Railroad that cried “Eureka” when they saw the layout of the land for the passageway through the area, declares the city’s website.  Located on the outskirts of metropolitan St. Louis real estate on I- 44 in Franklin County, Eureka has grown in recent years to include a wider selection of restaurants and commercial properties. However, the country charm of the area remains with the luxurious views that can be seen in rolling hills covering much of Eureka, Mo. real estate.

If you love the outdoors, there is plenty to do in Eureka or in the surrounding areas. Several golf courses can be found, along with ample conservation areas.  The Endangered Wolf Center is on the other side of the Meramec River off Antire Road. Tours of the facility are available by reservation several days a week throughout most of the year. Greensfelder Park, Route 66 Park, Lone Elk Park, Rockwoods Reservation and the World Bird Sanctuary are also nearby.

The commute to St. Louis from Eureka can be comfortable. From the edge of the city, you can arrive in the middle of downtown St. Louis within about 30 minutes.  Eureka, Mo. homes for sale vary in architectural design.  You may find older homes or newly built ones.  If you are considering a custom built home, there are lots available in areas like “The Bluffs at Hoene Springs.” For a list of Eureka open houses, please visit or call your Prudential Select Properties (PSP) agent.

St. Ann, Missouri Real Estate

If you are looking for a great spot for your work commute, St. Ann offers affordable and convenient housing options. The price also makes it appealing.  According to the St. Louis multiple listing service, the median sale price for a home in St. Ann, Mo. is $60,000.

St. Ann began in the early forties during a time of tremendous growth for the area.  According to, “Studies that were conducted revealed that a lot of the family heads during this time were World War II veterans and other returning servicemen that found St. Ann was a young thriving community with moderately priced homes and attractive areas to raise their families.” It was a place where family and church were a priority.

The layout of St. Ann real estate reflects this family-centered approach.  Neighborhoods are neatly designed with many homes in easy walking distance to St. Charles Rock Road. Originally, many of the families may have chosen to live near their “parish.” The bungalow architecture of the homes is typically compact and efficient, which can be of either frame or brick construction. When first constructed, many of the homes would have had one full bath and two to three bedrooms.  You may find that some homeowners have built additions either in the back of the structures or have added a second floor. If available, garages will be detached in St. Ann homes for sale. Zoysia grass is a common element in the often spacious yards.

When considering purchasing St. Louis real estate, one of the highlights of St. Ann is the access to public transportation.  MetroBus travel is plentiful with expedient connections to the MetroLink, which provides convenient travel into St. Louis. Lambert International Airport is also easily accessible by bus from St. Ann.

For a list of St. Ann open houses or to see St. Ann homes for sale, please visit or call your Prudential Select Properties agent.