Bridgeton, MO Real Estate

Looking for St. Louis real estate? Have you taken a look at Bridgeton, Missouri? According to the St. Louis multiple listing service (MARIS), the median sale price for a home in Bridgeton, Missouri was $121,000 in 2012. With its strategic location to Lambert International Airport and ease of access to the inner transportation core of St. Louis County, Bridgeton is a great place for your next home.

Located inside the triangle of Highway 270, Highway 70 and Lindbergh Boulevard, the beauty of Bridgeton real estate is the commute to nearly anywhere in the St. Louis metropolitan area. Business owners also appear to understand the importance of the location of the area. You will find many newly updated or constructed retail stores in the area, along with various established anchor stores like Lowe’s and the recently built Wal-Mart. Bridgeton also supports many smaller mom and pop stores that help create a friendly neighborhood atmosphere nestled in the heart of highly accessible St. Louis real estate.

The affordability of Bridgeton homes for sale offers a unique opportunity for first time homebuyers, seniors and growing families.  Services like an indoor pool, gymnasium, workout, golf and planned activities make finding something for any age of resident an inviting experience.   The city website ( proclaims the municipal Berry Hill Golf Course is “one of the finest nine-hole courses in the Gateway section of the PGA.”

Access to public transportation is also a benefit of living in the area.  Bus service is available throughout the main corridors of the city via MetroBus with connections to MetroLink at Lambert Airport, along with the helpful Metro Call-A-Ride services.

Bridgeton homes for sale may include newer construction and post war ranch styles, along with commercial properties. Sunday afternoons are a great time to view Bridgeton open houses.  Be sure to check out for helpful web search that can help guide you or call your local Prudential Select Properties agent for more information.

Wildwood Real Estate

Looking for St. Louis real estate that combines rustic scenery with top-notch amenities, then you may want to consider Wildwood, Missouri. According to the St. Louis multiple listing service (MARIS), the median sale price for a home in Wildwood, Missouri in 2012 is $295,000. Wildwood blends a touch of city and country living where housing options range from elegant new neighborhoods to original farm houses with acreage. The community offers a diverse mix of residential and business settings, as well as being home to highly rated and recognized schools.

Wildwood is a young and thriving city that was incorporated in 1995 by resident funding, according to the City of Wildwood’s website.  What makes Wildwood most picturesque is the ability of its residents and planners to intermix an urban sensibility with the natural beauty of the area. One of the greatest examples of this municipal symmetry is the Wildwood Greenway, which is a 7-mile, asphalt trail that provides stunning views of the area. The city itself is 67 square miles and includes eleven square miles of natural area including Babler State Park, Rockwood’s Reservation and Range, and Greensfelder County Park.

Living a healthy life and taking advantage of the great outdoors appears to be a part of the community culture.  Rather than a pre-fab indoor mall, residents are treated to a very walkable shopping district known as Wildwood Town Center, which includes the Wildwood City Hall under construction. Everything from a well-stocked Dierbergs to various other small merchants selling beverages, food and retail items can be found here.

Education is also an important part of the neighborhood.  Wildwood real estate is included in the esteemed Rockwood School District. St. Louis Community College also houses the Wildwood Campus near the Wildwood Family YMCA.  A limited number of private schools are also within the city or nearby.

Because the area grew from incorporation, you will find that Wildwood homes for sale may vary in size and design.  Newer construction is abundant. Condominium living is also an option. Although the area continues to grow, undeveloped acreage is still available.

If you’d like to learn more about the area, Wildwood homes for sale, or Wildwood open houses, please contact your Prudential Select Properties Agent. We’d love to help you find your next home.

Creve Coeur, Missouri Real Estate

Creve Coeur, literally broken heart in French, gets its name from a legend of an Indian princess whose heart was broken by a French trapper. She leapt from a ledge overlooking Creve Coeur lake which then reconfigured itself in the shape of a broken heart. Now Creve Coeur is one of the most prime locations to live with a variety of businesses, a community center, ice rink, and golf course.

Creve Coeur, Missouri is one of the premiere neighborhoods in West St. Louis County.  According to the St. Louis multiple listing service, the median sale price for a home in Creve Coeur is $215,500. While some portions of St. Louis real estate may now be on the decline, statistics on Zillow show that prices are up for Creve Coeur by .6% over the course of one year.

Perhaps some of the success of the area can be contributed to their constant diligence to planning and improvements.  As you drive down the main drag on Olive Boulevard, you will see that the city has made substantial upgrades throughout to lighting, sidewalks and the overall aesthetics of the area.  Newer commercial and residential developments are a positive sign of progressive growth.  The city’s website (www. proclaims that “Creve Coeur is a key node for technology, life sciences and health services in St. Louis.”  The site cites that the major corporations residing in Creve Coeur includes “Monsanto Corporation’s world headquarters, the Nidus Center for Scientific Enterprise and the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center. “

Growing families will find that the educational institutions contained in or nearby Creve Coeur real estate are of an excellent quality. Ladue and Parkway are the public school districts. Both have an excellent reputation.  Activities for people of all ages are plentiful, which includes an aquaport, dog park, ice rink, golf course, bountiful parks and more.

Centralized access to Interstate 270 and Highway 40 make the location ideal of homebuyers seeking an easier commute.  Creve Coeur homes come in a variety of styles from elaborate mansions to comfy ranch homes of a more traditional approach. Condos and villas may also be available. Contact your Prudential Select Properties agent for a list of Creve Coeur open houses.

Maryland Heights, Missouri Real Estate

Known as a city that seamlessly blends commercial progress with residential housing, Maryland Heights, Missouri is a thriving St. Louis suburb.  According to the St. Louis multiple listing service, the median sale price for a home in Maryland Heights was $110,000 in 2012, which makes the area an attractive option for homebuyers.

Maryland Heights is the eighth largest municipality in St. Louis County and is home to more than 2,000 businesses, many of which are located in the Westport and Riverport business parks. The City is fast becoming a regional travel and entertainment destination, with 20 hotels offering over 3,200 rooms, plus numerous dining, recreation, and entertainment opportunities. Maryland Heights houses the big St. Louis attractions of West Port Plaza, Harrah’s Casino, and UMB Bank Pavilion.

What makes Maryland Heights real estate attractive to industry and residents is the location.  Interstate 70, Interstate 270, Lindbergh Boulevard, Route 364 (which becomes Page Avenue) and Dorsett Road are all convenient travel routes for the area, which makes access highly favorable.  According to the city’s website, “The combination of location, low taxes and premium access to all major roadways yields an outstanding environment for businesses to flourish.”  The website also points out that Maryland Heights services a significant portion of tourism. The Hollywood Casino and Westport Plaza are both in the area.

Residents benefit from this healthy business economy.  City services are abundant and include art programing, along with initiatives to increase cultural awareness.  Parks and recreational opportunities include an Aquaport, spacious Dogport, workout facility and community center. Several parks are also maintained by the city.  Creve Coeur Park is perhaps one of the best known public parks in Maryland Heights that caters to walkers, cyclists, soccer lovers and boaters.

Housing styles in this portion of St. Louis real estate will typically be ranch, condominiums and apartment communities.  Maryland Heights living tends to be geared toward enjoying the outdoors. Homebuyers may find that yards are more spacious in this suburban community than in an urban setting.  For those looking at Maryland Heights homes for sale with growing families, the public school districts for the area are Parkway and Pattonville.

To discover more about Maryland Heights real estate, click here, and find homes for sale, open houses, and more!

From the Marketing Dept: Upcoming Brand Change

Recently I attended an office event and an agent approached me asking several questions about the upcoming company name and brand change. The agent was running out of her personalized Prudential Select Properties envelopes and was unsure about ordering 2000 more since they will be obsolete in the future. The creative solution she came up with was to make her envelopes in Publisher and print them on her office’s black and white copier.

I love Realtors because they are entrepreneurs, and good entrepreneurs always come up with creative solutions. As to the question of the timing of WHEN the big brand switch will be? The answer is 2013 (autumn of 2013 at the earliest). Prudential Select Properties and other Prudential affiliates are all still waiting on the details of the branding, the colors, the look, the logo, etc. But PSP is ready so as soon as this information becomes available we will be able to jump in with both feet to unleash this great new brand on the world and promote our agents with it.

Some more details will probably be available at this year’s Prudential Sales Convention called Hit Play in exciting Las Vegas. This convention never fails to motivate and empower agents who attend with new ideas and excitement about the industry. Click here to find out more about the 2013 convention.

In the mean time it is business as usual and you can rest assured that PSP has something up our sleeve to promote both the new brand and you when it drops in 2013. If you want to learn more about our future brand, currently you can find information about it at And don’t forget to read our previous blog An Exciting New Brand in Real Estate for information about the brand change.



Jana Rice – Prudential Select Properties – Marketing/eBusiness